Sunday, December 28, 2008

Binding Crossed Canoes

This is the quilt that has been a UFO for 30 years. I just couldn't finish it by hand. I have finally quilted it by machine, and was working on applying the binding last night when I thought it might be useful for someone else to see the new way I am handling the length of binding. I read somewhere to wrap the binding around an empty bath tissue roll and let it sit in your lap as you sew. The lap thing didn't work for me, but slipping it over my thread holder worked like a dream.


katie said...

Can you believe I just got up from the machine from putting binding around a wall hanging. It was only 16x23 but was would have been nice to have had it wound up on something. Great Idea.

Aunt Katie

WoolenSails said...

I always tuck and pin mine before I bind it. Have no idea if that is the right or wrong way, not like I actually read the directions in the patterns;)


Karmen Sunshine said...

This quilt is 104 x 88, so lots of binding...